School Clubs

Science Olympiad

Position:  President

In the middle of my sophomore year, after watching the Orange County Science Olympiad that year, I was inspired to found the Science Olympiad Club at my school to provide students with more opportunities to expand their interests in the field of science, demonstrate their abilities in science and engineering through competition, and represent their school.  Our members worked together to build models out of wood, and after nearly a year of preparation, we medaled in multiple individual events at the 2013 Los Angeles Science Olympiad, in which 48 teams competed.


My partner’s and my boomilever (wooden arm designed to hold weight) won second place for being the second lightest entry that successfully supported the maximum weight.


Our rubber band-launched wooden glider won first place for having the longest combined time of two trials.

Rocketry Club

Position:  President

Under the guidance of our teacher supervisor, our club members draw from analysis of pre-made rockets to build models of our own.  We also experiment with rocket simulation software used to predict flight path, helping us make decisions about launch details like trajectory and velocity.