Jazz Band

After many years of experience playing classical piano, I took up jazz in the 9th grade when I was given the opportunity to join the Harvard-Westlake Middle School Jazz Band.  My interest in jazz grew rapidly as I learned more and became increasingly proficient.  Every year, I auditioned into a higher level jazz band, and now as a senior, I am a member of my school’s top band.  I have acquired substantial experience in the different roles of a jazz pianist in big band and small combo settings, including prominent local venues like Catalina Jazz Club and Vibrato Jazz Grill.  I have also used my jazz experience to compose pieces integrating jazz with other musical genres.

Classical Piano

Ever since I began playing piano at the age of three, I have devoted a great deal of time to improving my playing and studying classical music theory.  Throughout my classical piano career, I have performed at numerous concerts in various settings.  When I was in the eighth grade, I passed the Certificate of Merit Level 10 test.  Though I began shifting my musical focus to jazz in 9th grade, I have continued to practice classical pieces.  I have composed pieces that combine the influences of different musical genres, including classical.  Finally, I am a member of a piano-violin-cello trio that I started with two of my friends.  We occasionally perform at local events in our community.  While playing classical piano has been a way for me to connect with people through performances, it has also been a relaxing activity that I enjoy when I play on my own.