During the summer before my sophomore year, I began interning at Dr. Ram Subramanyan’s cancer research lab at the University of Southern California.  At first, I only observed, but eventually my involvement in the lab grew to carrying mundane jobs, to helping perform his and other scientists’ experiments, and ultimately to conducting my own research under his guidance.  The lab focuses on studying EphB4, a protein unique to cancerous tissue that helps cancer cells elude the natural death cycle and enables them to produce their own blood vessels, which serve as sources of nutrition and channels through which cancers can spread to other parts of the body.  Further details about the research that I submitted to the Toshiba Exploravision and Siemens competitions are posted on the awards page of this site.

Through my work in the lab, I have learned a lot about proper lab practice and experienced and participated in conventional scientific discussion, namely presentations and papers.  I really enjoy the research I do, not just because I find the topics within this field of study quite interesting, but also because I really wish to fight a deadly disease that takes the lives of millions of people every year.