Position:  JV Captain, Manager (11th)

I have enjoyed tennis both as a leisurely pastime and an outlet to unleash my competitive nature since I was three years old.  Every year since the seventh grade, I have participated in my school’s tennis program.  As a starter on our JV team my sophomore and junior years, I played both singles and doubles and occasionally played doubles on Varsity.

As captain and manager of JV during my junior year, I led the team to a 14-1 record.  I was often given the power to decide the lineup based on my thoughts on our different players’ individual skillsets and synergy with specific teammates.  I also gave pre-game pump-up speeches at many of our matches.  As manager, I was in charge of making sure that everyone on the team was aware of transportation, excuse times, uniform colors, and snack duties for each one of our matches.  I also saw to it that all our players received all uniforms in proper sizes throughout the year.