Q Spot

QSpotMy friends and I came up with the idea of Q Spot while we were waiting in line at a large chain restaurant, annoyed that our standard issue buzzer only operated within a limited range.  Q Spot is an Android tablet application designed for restaurants.  It includes an electronic waitlist that customers can check from their phones.  They are contacted by text when they reach the top of the waitlist, allowing them to go beyond the range of a standard pager during their wait.  We are also in the process of developing a mobile application for customers that will allow them to browse for nearby restaurants and access waitlists more conveniently.As Chief Operating Officer, my duties include the following:

  • Pitching our product to potential client restaurants
  • Meeting with existing clients to receive feedback about the application and introducing new features
  • Overseeing debugging and overall quality assurance
  • Devising, considering, and applying changes to our business strategy/model;
  • Coming up with new components to add to our product

Running Q Spot has been a very exciting experience.  Being part of something of my own has pushed me to dedicate myself to the company, which in turn has allowed me to learn so much about development, marketing and sales, and quality assurance.  The experience has solidified my passion for business into something unmistakable, removing all doubt from my mind of my desire to pursue business as a career.

Feel free to read more about QSpot at www.qspot.us.