Los Angeles Education Foundation

Position: Program Director

LAEFLAEF is an organization that works directly with the Los Angeles Unified School District.  I cofounded LAEF because I have come to believe that education is the best way to help underprivileged families and their children improve their futures.  So far, it has consisted of an AP Calculus AB program to help students at the Santee Educational Complex in South Los Angeles to  prepare for the exam.  In the six years since its foundation, Santee had yet to have a student pass the AP Calculus AB exam.  Our team created curricula and organized schedules for this eight-week program to work with the school’s calculus students.  As program director, I oversaw essentially every aspect of the project, organizing student groupings, communicating with and providing feedback for the school’s principal and AP calculus teacher, managing our teachers and ensuring that they executed their duties, seeing to the provision of all materials for the program, and coordinating logistical details for every session, in addition to working with the students myself.  Through phone calls to individuals, businesses, and other organizations, I personally raised over $2000 for books and other supplies for the program. Ultimately, we helped two students to pass the AP test, a record for the school.

The organization’s work continued over the following summer.  I helped in planning and coordinating another program at Santee to assist students there in their studies in precalculus and trigonometry.  LAEF members and Santee students met five times a week for eight weeks.  Though I was unavailable to physically attend the program itself, I played an active part in communications between members and school administrators and ensured that proper materials were provided.

Our members have created a documentary about the whole experience, which we will use in our upcoming efforts to expand our program to encompass more schools and more subjects.